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  • Scientists find seeds of domestic plants in the burial sites of ancient nomads April 26, 2018
    An international team of scientists, including a professor of the Faculty of Soil Science, MSU, has studied burial sites dated back to the Bronze Age at the border between Kalmykia and Stavropol Territory and found traces of domestic barley on the walls of vessels. Local residents did not practice agriculture at that time, so the […]
  • Students' social relationships in the last year of secondary education April 26, 2018
    The Personal and Community Relationships Laboratory (Laboratorio de Redes Personales y Comunidades) at the University of Seville has published a project that shows the structural properties of high-school students personal networks and predicts the probability of those students maintaining (or not) relationships with their high-school friends when they start their university studies. That is to […]
  • Geologists assist in solving the mystery of a gold treasure April 26, 2018
    The Carambolo Treasure is an assemblage of gold items of the first millennium BCE, whose origin has for about 50 years been the epicentre of a heated debate. New chemical and isotopic analyses, carried out by the UPV/EHU's Geochronology and Isotopic Geochemistry Service—Ibercron and commissioned by the University of Huelva and the Archaeological Museum of […]
  • How does urban-induced warming in Beijing interact with air temperature in summer? April 26, 2018
    Beijing has undergone several important urbanization development stages since late 1978. Linked with urbanization, the so-called "urban heat island effect" is a key problem caused by urban land expansion. Such changes in air temperature in Beijing inevitably have an impact on the daily lives of its inhabitants, and is therefore of considerable interest to scientists […]
  • Influence of aquatic plants on long chain n-alkanes in lake sediments April 26, 2018
    The hydrogen isotopic composition (δD) of leaf wax long-chain n-alkanes from lacustrine sediments has been widely applied to reconstruct terrestrial paleoclimatic and paleohydrological changes. However, few studies have addressed whether the aquatic-derived n-alkanes can affect the δD values of lake sedimentary long-chain n-alkanes, which are usually regarded as a recorder of the terrestrial hydrological signals. […]
  • Statistical designs accelerate the optimization of layered 2-D crystals April 26, 2018
    It has been estimated that there are more than 10100 possible materials that can be synthesised, grown and optimised. Materials design can be a slow and laborious process, and investigating the full parameter space is a formidable challenge. Machine learning and other advanced statistical techniques will almost certainly accelerate materials development, but many materials scientists […]
  • UK corporate giants sign pact to cut plastic waste April 26, 2018
    More than 40 British companies including major retailers and soft drinks companies on Thursday pledged to eliminate unneccessary plastic packaging as part of an anti-pollution push.
  • Ukraine says Chernobyl remains an 'open wound' 32 years on April 26, 2018
    Ukraine on Thursday marked 32 years since Chernobyl, the world's worst nuclear disaster, saying it would "remain an open wound in the hearts of millions."
  • Messi scores in EU court battle to trademark name April 26, 2018
    Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi won a legal battle Thursday to register his name as a trademark to sell sports goods after an EU court ruled that he is too famous to be confused with other businesses.
  • Discovery of new material is key step toward more powerful computing April 26, 2018
    A new material created by Oregon State University researchers is a key step toward the next generation of supercomputers.