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  • Why we fit a mini brain with a mini cap August 17, 2022
    It could be the world's tiniest EEG electrode cap, created to measure activity in a brain model the size of a pen dot. Its designers expect the device to lead to better understanding of neural disorders and how potentially dangerous chemicals affect the brain. This engineering feat, led by Johns Hopkins University researchers and detailed […]
  • Floating 'artificial leaves' ride the wave of clean fuel production August 17, 2022
    Researchers have developed floating 'artificial leaves' that generate clean fuels from sunlight and water, and could eventually operate on a large scale at sea.
  • 2D boundaries could create electricity August 16, 2022
    Engineers are working to create piezoelectricity in two-dimensional phase boundaries. They could power future nanoelectronics like sensors and actuators.
  • Researchers 'color code' webbing material for exposure to damaging UV rays August 16, 2022
    A new study sheds light on a photochromic nylon webbing that, because it comprises spiropyran (SP) functionalized polymers, demonstrates color variation in response to extended UV exposure with controlled, color variation over multiple time scales that is conducive to UV sensing. The find could lead to new ways to estimate UV damage to materials.
  • Eco-friendly filter removes microplastics from water August 12, 2022
    A research team has developed an eco-friendly microplastic removal technology that can remove micro-to-nano-sized microplastics from water.
  • Will strong and fast-switching artificial muscle be feasible? August 12, 2022
    A research team has developed a bifunctional polymer electrolyte with enhanced mechanical strength and ionic conductivity. The new technology can be applied to producing strong artificial muscles with fast switching speeds.
  • Metaholographic platform that detects light exposure August 11, 2022
    A research team has developed a sensing technology that can detect whether a substance was exposed to light using metahologram.
  • New mechanism to increase strength and ductility of high-entropy alloys August 11, 2022
    Materials scientists have recently discovered a new mechanism to increase the strength and ductility of a high-entropy alloy, two properties which normally vary inversely with each other. The findings provide important insights for the future design of strong yet ductile high-entropy alloys and high-entropy ceramics.
  • Engineering enzymes to help solve the planet's plastic problem August 11, 2022
    Researchers have developed a new enzyme engineering platform to improve plastic degrading enzymes through directed evolution.
  • New programmable materials can sense their own movements August 10, 2022
    Researchers have developed a technique to 3D-print materials with customizable mechanical properties that can also sense how they are moving and interacting with their environment. Their method only requires one printing material and a single run on a 3D printer.